We donate two medical grade face masks for every MAASK face mask sold.

Face Mask Donations

Not content with being the most sustainable face mask producer on the planet, we want to create a positive impact for those on the front line during the current global pandemic.


How do you donate masks to front line workers?

We donate medical grade masks through volume/bulk donations as often as possible. In the current climate, it is hard for us to guarantee dates of when donations are made. We work with charities, partners, the NHS Supply Chain and the Cabinet Office to ensure we get our donations to those who need it most.


We 'front load' donations to make sure each MAASK face mask bought has already made a positive impact for key workers. This means we actively source medical grade PPE in bulk and get it directly to those who need it as quickly as possible. Where we cannot source our own medical grade face masks quickly enough, we donate the value of two medical grade face masks to an approved PPE charity such as MedSupplyDrive UK (https://www.medsupplydrive.org.uk/) or Masks4NHSHeroes (https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/masks4nhsheroes)


We DO NOT donate our reusable masks, only single use medical/surgical face masks which are CE marked and approved for use in professional settings. These include FFP1/2/3 and N95/KN95 masks. If there is an extreme need for PPE outside of face masks (such as face shields), we will donate funds to support its supply.

Can you donate medical grade masks to my NHS Trust?

Yes we can!

Please get in touch directly as soon as possible and we will fast track your question, please clearly mark your request in the title of your email.


Do you donate PPE to care homes?

Yes, care homes play a critical role in our society and we want to make sure carers and residents get the protection they deserve.


If you work for a care home or have family living in a care home, please get in touch to discuss how we can donate PPE to you today!

What are 'medical grade' face masks?

Medical Grade face masks are masks that are certified and specially manufactured under European Standards for medical staff to wear whilst they are at work. Medical Grade masks have ratings such as FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, N95 and KN95. Every mask that we donate is fully certified and CE marked.

We donate 'medical grade' masks so they can be used on the front line in the NHS, care homes and other key areas.

The reusable masks we sell are not required to meet the 'medical grade' standards as they are for general/public use and NOT medical use. Wearing medical grade masks in non-medical settings can disrupt the vital supply of key PPE to where it is needed most.

Whats Next?

We are continuously designing our next range as well as developing entirely new products which we hope to launch soon.

Our main focus right now is on growing the brand. In retail we are constantly reaching out to shops who would be interested in stocking our products. Online we are always pushing to grow our audience. To do this we are looking to tie in with influencers around the world as well as working with corporate clients looking to keep their employees safe. Marketing is never ending and with a product like this there is always more we can do.

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